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Silent Grove fly-in


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Hi Guys


Last weekend 11 of us went to a a place called Silent Grove for a fly-in. It is about 20 miles south of Glen Innis and what a nice place it was.


It is a working sheep station and is owned and run by John and Dorothy Every who run it as a B & B they have several rooms at the house plus a 3 bedroom cottage ( rates are quite reasonable) also those of us who like to do things on the cheap were able to bunk down in the wool shed as four of us did however it was pretty cold as john (Jolapino's) wet towel was stiff as a board when we got up in the morning.


Their strip is 700 metres long and quite smooth and it is 4900 feet above sea level.


I left Kilcoy at 10-30 AM a half hour late due to a heavy fog and met up with Jalapino at Warwick where we continued on to Silent Grove together, The scenery to say the least was spectacular, we arived at about 1-30 PM and were met by John Every at the strip who ferried us up to the wool shed with our gear.


After setteling in we went up to the homestead to meet Dorothy who is the organizer of the stayover ect. She invited Jalopino and myself to have tea with them , a lovely home cooked meal.


On waking the next morning there was about a twenty knot wind blowing and the dams had a ring of ice around their edges, my fingers became quite sore with the cold after refueling my Savannah , fortunatly the wind died down around 9-30 AM and we were able to join a couple of other flyers at Jay Warne's farm about 25 miles North for the biggest bacon and egg breakfast I have ever seen. Five of us Jay includeed then made history by being the first ever planes to land at a new airstrip for a restarunt on the Seven river ( it was the most marginal strip I have ever landed on but they are still working on it ) . The restaurant was fantastic pearched about a hundred feet above a gorge and built out of recicled materials, it has to be seen to do it justice,


From there we flew into Glen Innis and landed at a private strip just behind a caravan park with a service station where we were told we could get fuel However the manager of the park came running out to tell us we were trespassing and pi#$$ed us off he refused to searve us because as we found out later it seems he blames the owner of the strip where we landed for the council refusing to give him a 60 klm an hour zone outside of his caravan park however Frank the owner of the strip drove us into town to get fuel problem solved.


Back at Silent Grove we met up with the rest of flyers and had the loveliest three course meal with the owners that night followed by bacon and eggs for breakfast the next morning.


The return flight was absolutly beautiful with not the slightest breaze blowing all the way home , I got back about 12-30 Am after a rest stop at Stanthorpe.


I can thoroughly recomend Silent Grove for a fly-in The owners will treat you like family and make you welcome. The scenery is fantastic , 25 degrees is considered a scorcher in the middle of summer. We will definatly be back.







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Silent Grove


Hi Tangocharlie


Please find attached details


Silent Grove Station, NSW Unlicenced - standard inclusion S 29 58.11 E 151 38.086 4565 feet 18-36, 700 M, Unsealed - grass




John & Dorothy Every


"Silent Grove Farmstay B&B" 698 Maybole Rd




Ph/Fax: 02-67332117




Email: [email protected]












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