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Hi Crew


Leeton visibility from my carport mid-day yesterday 20061212 & 10 am today 20061213.


The trees and houses in the distance are about 350 metres North East of my house.






The trees and houses are about 350 metres North East of my house.


The Brobenah Hills on the horizon are the hills behind (East of) the Brobenah aerodrome at Leeton.


The Brobenah aerodrome is about 2.9 Nautical miles North East of my house in line with the photo roughly.


The Brobenah Hills on the same line are about 4.15NM from my house.


Thursday morning 20061214below started with calm air and smoke till about 13:00 then became dusty wind from west. Photos below were taken about an hour apart 1st one with smoke the second one mostly dust.




The red brown colour of the dust is not showing very well in the photograph below.




The two Picsbelow for Friday Dec 15 are the same photo but the second one is enhanced to show up the remains of what might be not very well defined early morning vapour trails.


From here I think that we canoften see parts of Gold coast to Adelaide trails, Gold Coast to Melbourne, Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Adelaide (almost over the top)andSydney to Perth. Sometimes we can also see to the west what looks like part of Darwin to Melbourne. It has to be a very clear day to see the Sydney to Melbourne trails usually mid winter.




Photo above enhanced below to show up trails or cloud




The sky to the south today 20061215 is looking dull - possibly smoke. Ross















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We did have some fires in those hills lit by one of the passing electrical storms last week I think it was. But I think those fires are pretty well under control now.This smoke yesterday was largely from the Vic fires fires I think, but maybe the prevailing weather system on the east coast could havecollected smoke from all the fires in the eastern states mixed it up and really spread it around.





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