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Enhance Your Flight Simulator X Traffic


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MyTraffic X


Enhance Your Flight Simulator X Traffic


This first add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X from Aerosoft creates realistic in-flight and aircraft ground traffic using the exact aircraft and airlines including the customized radio communications on the airports.


Worldwide dynamic and realistic AI-Traffic!


MyTraffic X generates more than 475,000 daily flights at 7,800 airports worldwide and adds them to your Flight Simulator X skies. From general aviation, regional jets, military aircraft, freight services, right up to the intercontinental airliners, My TrafficX brings FSX to life!


The AI traffic corresponds to the real life air traffic throughout the world. Take-offs and landings take place with the correct aircraft types and airlines on each airport. ATC will address the aircraft with their correct call signs.


Many intercontinental flights are taken from the published schedules of the airlines.


MyTraffic X also supports the new features in Flight Simulator X such as the jetways, which dock on to the aircraft, ground vehicles, baggage carts, etc. A total of 154 aircraft types in more than 3,000 liveries are available for the AI traffic display! From a simple single engine aircraft to the Heavies.


No more fantasy airlines in Flight Simulator!


Regional Airliner, such as EMB145, Yak40, DHC8. Fokker50...


Medium range, such as B727, B737, Airbus A321, MD-80, Il62...


Heavies, such as MD-11, B747-400, B777-300, IL-86...


Cargo, such as AN12, AN 124 and C5 Galaxy


The DVD also includes an updated version 4.1 of MyTraffic 2006 for FS 2004 so you get double the bang for your buck!</LI>



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