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Expressions of interest: Partnership or syndicate in S E VIC

Guest drizzt1978

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Guest drizzt1978

Well boys and girls, after recently knocking over my nav endorsement ive started doing the sums on getting a plane. BUT that is another debate for many other threads!


Not sure if this should be in the classified section, but im not selling anything.


I would like to know if anybody is interested in a partnership or small syndicate located at possibley Tooradin or Lilydale. Ultimately the best number of people to own the plane would be me!! But that isnt going to happen soon, so a partner or two partners would be a good idea. Budget would be possibly 70-80k. So with three people around 25k each would be good, I would consider going to four people but im not convinced. Im scarred every one will want it on the same day. Im open to different aircraft, but everybody would need to be in agreance!


Feel free to PM me or post away!


I would also like any feedback (positive or negative) on syndicate/partnerships that you have been involved in.


:big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin::big_grin: <---- is that to much happyness??



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