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Microlight pilot lucky to escape crash on take off Western Australia

Guest AirBorne Flights

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Guest AirBorne Flights

From eye witness


Gary (works for Qantas as a LAME) hadn’t flow for 3 months, took a few gusts at takeoff (swinging side to side) and panicked, dropped his revs to Idle and then stalled at an acute angle, managed to flair to absorb some impact.


Only real injuries was a dislocated elbow, narrowly avoided being decapitated by the control bar as it came back past his face, it took his visor off and narrowly missed his nose.


Moral of that story, don’t drop power on takeoff, and if you haven’t flow for a while perhaps go up in less gusty conditions. Microlight was really written off.



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Guest Brett Campany

Gary used to work where I work now, well before my time. The guys are wondering how he's doing and thoughts go out to him.


He's a lucky man I reckon!



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