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Greetings from Southern Ontario, Canada. Found this site by searching for Grega GN-1 plans. I purchased a Grega that was constructed in 1985 and originally registered as N28LT in the USA and have now relocated the plane to Straford, Ontario with the call letters C-GLPA. Great paint scheme was put on this Aircamper and a very sweet looking fiberglass nose that really cleans up the profile of this venerable design. I am trying to locate some Grega plans as reference material for any modifications or repairs I might encounter.


Aircraft N28LT Photo by unknown The link shows the fiberglass nose to advantage. Glad to be aboard. Eddie 041_helmet.gif.78baac70954ea905d688a02676ee110c.gif



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Thanks for the kind words Decca. I only wish I had the talent to come up with such a period looking paint scheme. The plane has had several owners and one fella was a sign painter and was responsible for the hand painted art deco Pietenpol signage on the side. Another suprise owner was Bobby Younkin the Americam air show pilot. I believed he kept the plane at his residence to go low and slow . Link to Bobby's Bio.


Airport Journals Heading to the Airport for two weeks vacation at the hangar. Eddie



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