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Hi, just wondering if anyone out in Brisbane can help me out.


My new sonex kit arrives next monday but I wont be moving into a place where I can store it until December. The plan at the moment is to store it at a friends propertey just west of Gatton. This will cost $400 for delivery and then I will have to move it back to brisbane in December.


Is there anyone out there that has empty space at their business/shed that I could use for a couple of months? It would be storage only, I wouldnt be building.



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Just curious Vorticity .... Why have you listed the sonex kit for sale in the classifieds?


I'll ask around in Brisbane for you mate as I know one bloke who might help ..... Although no promises. Is the kit in one large box about 3 pallet lenghts?




I will send a PM if successful. Might take a couple of days to catch up with him - I'll give it a go ...



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