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Brissy and back again with some really great flying weather

Guest watto

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Well Guys my copilot and I went to Brisbane on Sunday morning to see the Beyonce concert (yowser yowser yowser) and had the the most enjoyable flight we have had all year.


On the way down from Rodds bay there was barely a noticable bump and GS of around 129knots most of the way with a GPS trip time of 1hr 52 min which was great time as well.


When we arrived in redcliffe for touchdown the air was so smooth when the wheels touched the runway I was unsure that they were actually on the ground and without a doubt the best landing I have done.


The concert was awsome and the support act Jessica Mauboy was fantastic but unfortunately the other support act flow rider (gangtser rapper) should have been drowned at birth! but Beyonce (spectacular show)


We set off this morning for home and after climbing out to 4500ft found a stiff cross wind as forecast and increasing and swinging from north to north east and by the time we got to Rodds bay a couple of hours later with it roaring across the tree tops and the strip it made for a very interesting landing, my wife who has not been in a small plane during a good cross wind later said as we approach on final she looked out the front window and though ooooh where is the strip! and then she looked out he side window and thought ooooh it's over there! but she was a trooper and just sat there nice and quiet so I could concentrate.


Even once I got down below the trees the gusts continued to blow us off course momentarily and I would make the nessessary adjustments and it would die off and then whack again, but we kept it level and as per routine a boot of right rudder just before touch down and bring the windward wing up level and we were in.


All good in the end and into the experience bucket.







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