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Externally mounted camera

Guest watto

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Does anyone have any externally mounted camera gear that is remotely operated on their aircraft.


I was thinking that these days small lcd screens are so cheap it would not be that expensive to have a camera on the wing strut or the belly of the aircraft movable with a small joystick or toggle eg zoom, shutter etc.


Has any one had experience with this type of equipment?



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Quickly nocked a little swivel mechanism up this afternoon... Haven't done all the trimming touches to it yet, but it seems to work pretty good!



















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Hey that's pretty nifty Tom. Controlled by the RC transmitter?

Hey thanks Decca, Yep controlled through a RC transmitter, That's a six channel Receiver two... could hook up a camera with RC shutter and hook into it to...??


I thought it's just as easy to do it that way... that way you could put it anywhere on the aircraft and all you would have to worry about is the video screen cable running to the cockpit...


You only need a really basic two channel transmitter that you could mount somewhere, and even connect to aircraft power if you so desire, would just have to put in a power jack in the side of the transmitter, pretty easily done.



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Guest Maj Millard

Tomo, been thinking of the same thing for months. Remote controlled action or video cam, with cockpit joystick control, live-linked to a DVD screen in the cockpit, with recording capability. The possibilities are endless. Get your brothers to work boy !!...There's a market here.......Oh and it should have still photo capability for property photos, without all that necessary banking, doors open etc................................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Yeah Maj I think there is a good propersition in it also... that's probably why I'm working on it!


What I'm trying to find now is a good video/still cam, that is still small enough, but be of good quality also... those GoPro camera's that "Motz" is using looks good, but not sure if they can have video cable out to a screen? also to be able to take still pictures remotely would be a real bonus!



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Hmmm... food for thought just discovered Oregon ATC5K has remote control of camera functions $AU325

Yeah, been looking at that actually! it has video out, so It is just quite possible that it'll be able to plug into a screen... that the remote... not a bad setup I'm thinking! A decent about of dollars though:sad:



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Pan & Tilts


Unless you are getting your video back to the monitor / recorder via a wireless video link transmitter, it seems a waste of a RC transmitter and receiver set up. Why not use a wired controller to the two servos. It's very easy to make a controller with a joystick or two pots to control the pan and tilt functions. Used these P&T's extensively in a past life. The servo signals are not complicated and just need a 1 - 2mS pulse repeated every 20mS or so.


Paul Toone



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