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Leeton Traffic


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Leeton Trafficon 200612190900


East of Leeton below




North East of Leeton below




South East of Leeton below




Blue skies for a change.















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Guest AusDarren

Great looking pics.


the east one looks like a contrail through the grass below the trees


rather spooky







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Leeton on a bad day


Went to Narrandera for the monthly barbecue and get-together on 11-02-2007. The only time so far that I did not take a camera!


I missed the aeroplane incident and the dust but got the dust when I drove home. The Rex RPT sat at the terminal for ten or fifteen minutes to get a window in between dust squals to enable it to take off for Griffith.


Took some photos when I got home and again after I got home from Wagga on Wednesday afternoon-quite a contrast.













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The Rex RPT sat at the terminal for ten or fifteen minutes to get a window in between dust squals to enable it to take off for Griffith.

I saw the Saab just after take off that arvo Ross. As you say he was trying to pick the gap - the passengers must have got their moneys worth because the pilot threw the aircraft into the steepest bank in front of the main wall of the dust storm. I bet he was more then a little concerned. It quickly swallowed him up over the top of Narrandera township while he was clawing for altitude. He probably had to do it all again at Griffith 25mins later......


Sorry to have missed you at the BBQ....oh well next one ;)



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Hi Roger


As soon as I got home I tuned in the J160 radio in the garage and was just in time to hear the Rex SAAB reporting 21,000 ft on course for Sydney from Griffith.


Actually going by the look of the sky here at the time I think he would have had a clear sky at Griffith as I drove home from Narrandera in front of the dust at the same time as the SAAB was taking off from Narrandera. Leeton seemed to be about almost the limit of that dust's movement to the North East.


If he actually flew through any of that dust I would be interested in the effect on his engines after watching that show a week or so ago re-enacting the BEA 747 flight through the volcano ash near Indonesia. Apparently the chamber temp was so hot it melted the ash which then solidified on the turbine blades. The thing that saved them was that it cooled enough for the solidified material to shrink and fall out of the turbine blades enabling them to work again and thus be able to start the engines eventually.





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Grass contrails


Hi AusDarren


I had not noticed your "grass contrails" in the original photo before so I thought that I had better have a look and see what the explanation was in the EAST Photo. I could not work it out from the photo. 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


It must have been taken in the late afternoon looking East so it is the sun shining and highlighting some long dead white grass which is just through the fence from a small irrigated green paddock. The whole length of the fence has a tall stand of white grass or crop behind it. 010_chuffed.gif.c2575b31dcd1e7cce10574d86ccb2d9d.gif


We have at least one neighbour between our few acres and that white edged paddock about 400 m from where the photo was taken. If you look carefully, you can see the wooden posts along the side of the grass or crop!





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