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New Site Sounds Very Good


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Ian, it was a pleasure to read the email you sent (probably to us all) regarding what will happen with the new site on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to what you have in stall for us.


I am also looking forward to receiving my Arion Lightning kit in the new year and will share the joys and heartaches with members of this forum.


One other item. I am "taking over" the Galpin sectiuon of this forum from my son. My name is Bill. If I think of it I'll change the details.



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Welcome Bill, good to hear from you. That Lightning sounds like a wonderful project. Like you, we can't wait till you finish it, take to the skies and report the fantastic performance first hand. I have a mate in Jindabyne who'd love to build one of these, almost every time I see him he has something to say about the Lightning. Sadly,time and funds are a limit.





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