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Skydart III...should i buy one?

Guest gosk8ing

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Guest gosk8ing

Hey all,


Just looking at buying a Skydart III, single place, fitted with a Rotax 447 for my first plane. Built in 1991 from kit.I'm going to be trailering it each time i go flying (once or twice a month).


Is there anything to lookout for when i go to inspect the aircraft?


Is this a good aircraft?


The first owners only logged the dates they flew, and not the hours. Do you think this matters?


The rego is 10-XXXX, does this restrict me flying over populated areas ect?


Any help will do!!!!!!!!





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Ask the Designer


The best person to ask is the designer Steve Cohen who can be contacted at the NSW Sports Aircraft Club at Wedderburn Airfield.



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