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Hey Down under

Guest Bumpy

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I am a South African, living in Mozambique and a relatively new aviator (just over a year). I started out on Microlight Trikes and have recently purchased a JK-05 composite plane.


I would like to visit Australia next year sometime and thought it would be good to get in touch with some fellow aviators beforehand.


All the best, and keep the shiny side up;)





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Hi Bumpy great to hear from you welcome to the forum this place has a great bunch of people only to willing to share with you and are keen to hear your stories we would also love to see any pictures you may be willing to share with us.





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Check out the SA Forum


I am a Brit/South African and have been visiting this forum for a while but now its really jacked up and "user friendly" you will get a lot of hits from SA. I posted the link on microlighters.co.za yesterday regarding the cross Tasman trip which was very interesting. Why dont you chaps check out our forum..some good stuff on it.


Cheers Paul (ZULU1)



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Hi all, I am also South African, Cape Town based and busy building a Bush Baby, which is loosely related to the Avid flyer and the Kitfox. If you are interested in following my build have a look at http://microlighters.co.za/viewtopic.php?t=3341&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0. To see the pics you would have to register first.


BTW, I am the Administrator of http://www.microlighers.co.za. I invite you all to join our forum as well. We have a healthy active group of aviation nuts like myself. Good luck with this forum into the future and Merry Xmas to all



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