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Mac Flight Planner 1.25

Guest Brett Campany

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Guest Brett Campany

I've been looking around for a cheap flight planner for basic VFR use for my Mac and I couldn't believe that I've finally found one!


Stephen Colebrook must be an avid pilot and a Mac user. He also must be pretty good at this programming thing to!


He's come up with the Mac Flight Planner with Flightmath. It's a basic planner with a small E6B type program.


I've been checking them out tonight and I'm really impressed with how easy it is to use. There's a bit of work involved though. Even though it's only $35, you'll have to put in the waypoints that you like to use.


That's not always a bad thing because it means the application isn't taking ages to load up and find points. Plus you can put all of your favourite fields and waypoints in yourself and put as much or little details as you want.


He's also come up with another free app called MacNav Aid which will give you a bearing and distance between two lat and longs.


So in all it's not to bad, there's plenty of online support but it's cheap and easy to use!


Definatly one for the Mac owners out there!









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