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Light Plane Crash, Pilot Killed near Gulgong

Guest bateo

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{A MAN has died in a plane crash at Gulgong, in central western NSW.


NRMA CareFlight said a medical trauma team had been en route to Gulgong airport where a man was trapped inside the overturned light aircraft, but were told midway he had died.


He had been in a serious condition when they received the emergency call about 2pm (AEDT), but the rescue mission was abandoned when they were advised mid-flight that the man was dead.


"We went out towards that one but we were called off because the occupant was dead," a CareFlight spokesman said. }


( This was just in, I only live 10 nm away so I am trying to find who, and what happened.. Will keep posted. Cheers Bateo)



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A Spokesperson from the local ambulance service stated that the aircraft was in fact a glider, the pilot had crashed head first into the ground at Gulgong airport at approximately 1:50pm. The pilot is believed to be in his mid 50's, and had unfortunately died on scene.


Details are on the ABC website.



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From News Limited;


December 27, 2006 06:51pm


THE 57-year-old man who died in a glider shortly after it crashed at Gulgong, in central western New South Wales, was an experienced pilot, an eyewitness said today.


The glider was launched from the Gulgong airstrip early this afternoon but crashed into the same strip just seconds later.


The owner of the airstrip, Ian Harris, saw the accident.


“It was a winch launch, which is a common thing,†said Mr Harris, who lives in the area.


“(The crash) was on take-off in a fibreglass aircraft with an experienced pilot.â€Â


Mr Harris said the glider was only airborne for “about five seconds†but said he could not speculate on the cause of the crash while it was being investigated.


“We can't comment other than it was just one of these terrible accidents,†he said.


The first ambulance crew to arrive at the crash reported the man was in a serious condition, trapped in the overturned glider.


An NRMA CareFlight medical trauma team were called on to help about 2pm (AEDT) but abandoned the rescue mission when advised mid-flight the man had died.


“We went out towards that one but we were called off because the occupant was dead,†a CareFlight spokesman said.


NSW Police are investigating the incident.



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