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Flying in and around Perth


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Hi All you Perth/WA types!


Im gonna be over there working for a few months next year, and would love to keep up with the flying.I was wondering how far the nearest RA Aerodrome/strip (preferably with Tecnams) is to Perth CBD, and if theres nothing really close if anyone can recommend the good schools/clubs in Perth that are well respected and not shoddy rip off merchants!


(Jandakot i suppose?I have a PPL(or will have by then) as well as an RA licence with all the trimmings and would prefer to fly RA if i can....)


Any info or help would be much appreciated.







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Guest Brett Campany

Hey Simon, give me a call when you get here, we'll share emails prior to that. My contact details are below.


There's Serpentine which is the closest RAAus airfield, then Northam, Bindoon, Bunbury etc.


For Tecnams, I think they have some at the Bunbury Aero Club, will have to get in touch to see about flying as a visitor. All the aircraft are around $150 to about $180 per hour to hire but mate, there's some amazing flying to be done down the south coast and various other places.


So yeah if you need anything, call or email me mate. We'll sort a few things out for sure.


I'm in Sydney at the moment but will be back in Perth on the 23rd.


Talk to ya soon!


0402 555 550


[email protected]



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Guest mike_perth

Same goes for me mate Im currently flying out of Jandakot and been up a few times with Brett out of Serpentine - good fun!


Looks like Bretts chasing some more spam with the public display of his email address and phone number!!


If you want to get in contact with me please PM me!





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