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Lancair accident at bathurst

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A SYDNEY-based pilot was lucky to escape serious injury after his two-seater plane crashed shortly after take-off at Bathurst airport yesterday.The pilot had flown his Lancair Aircraft from Bankstown and was having a short stop-over in Bathurst before continuing to Mudgee.


But as he took off just before 3pm, the plane got just metres off the ground before it came crashing back down.


Witnesses said debris from the badly damaged plane was spread over about 30 metres but the pilot was not badly hurt.


Four young pilots from Brisbane, who did not wish to be named, were the first men on the scene of the crash.


The young men are completing a flying tour of NSW and landed at Bathurst just minutes earlier.


They said the plane’s engine had not sounded good before take-off, but the plane got airborne before suddenly banking left and crashing back to earth.


“As he took off he lost control of the plane for some reason,” they said.


The young men ran to the plane and were the first to help the pilot.


“We ran out to the plane and the pilot was still inside,” they said.


“We helped him out.


“He had some head injuries and there was a fair bit of blood but he able to move OK.”


The young men dialled 000 and said an ambulance was on the scene within seven minutes.


The young pilots said the plane was a two-seater Lancair - “a very lightweight high power output” aircraft.


Inspector Mick Aldridge from Bathurst police said emergency services were called to airport about 3pm.


“A 45-year-old Sydney man was the sole occupant of the Lancair Aircraft. He had come from Bankstown and was having a brief stop over before travelling on to Mudgee,” Inspector Aldridge said.


“According to witnesses who were at the scene the pilot attempted take-off and climbed six feet into the air. It looks like the engine may have stalled causing the plane to lose altitude and to collide with the runway.


“The pilot was conscious and breathing and was helped from the plane by witnesses.


“He was taken to Bathurst Hospital with lacerations but he is in a stable condition and will be kept overnight. The Australian Aviation Transport Safety Bureau has also been informed.


“The airport reopened at 4.15pm.”



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