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(article) manage distractions to avoid stall/spin

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The FAA tells us that as much as one-quarter of all fatal general aviation mishaps result from stalls or spins. And most stall/spin accidents, according to the Feds, happen when the pilot is momentarily distracted.


Distraction types


FAA Advisory Circular 61-67C states: "Stalls resulting from improper airspeed management are most likely to occur when the pilot is distracted by one or more other tasks," including:


  • Locating a checklist or similar item
  • Attempting a restart after engine failure
  • Flying in the traffic pattern on a windy day
  • Reading a chart
  • Making fuel or distance calculations
  • Attempting to retrieve dropped items
  • Reaching behind the pilots seats or in the glove compartment


Pilots at all skill levels, according to the AC, "should be aware of the increased risk of entering into an inadvertent stall or spin while performing tasks that are secondary to controlling the aircraft."


Fly the plane


Obviously there may come the time when you drop an item, or have to reach behind the seat for something, reference a chart or make a fuel calculation, fly in strong winds or have to deal with a balky engine. The point is to realize that these distractions put you at high risk of stalling the aircraft. Delay these sorts of actions, if possible, when you're near the ground, and certainly when you're in turning flight at less than high-cruise indicated airspeeds. In other words, fly the plane first, then deal with the distraction. A little discipline to wait just a moment until you're wings-level and at a healthy airspeed will help significantly to prevent an inadvertent stall or spin.


Aero-tip of the day: Manage distractions to avoid a fatal stall/spin accident.



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