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DC-3 conversion survey plane.

Guest Maj Millard

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Guest Maj Millard

Spotted this today at Ingham Airport NQ. Has been doing some work, as there was a large tanker parked next to it. Turbine conversion DC-3, with stingers on nose and tail. Sets of five cables running right around the aircraft. Plus two funny little drones under the belly, both looked like they could be deployed and towed, but probabily not at the same time............024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif























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Nice photos Maj. That has to be the most modified DC3 I've ever seen.


I wonder if the rear engine nacelle does anything for aerodynamics?


Miss Millard must just about be your constant companion, from previous photo postings. How far away is she from PIC of your lightwing?


Regards, Decca.



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At a guess, it looks like electromagnetic equipment...


Similar to a magnet, some rocks have a slight magnet field associated with them.


My guess (and a guess because I've done some work with geophysicists) is it would be used for mineral exploration.... gold, silver and ignoeus related gemstones.


Weird using a DC-3 tho, I've only heard of Air Commanders being used...





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Guest Maj Millard

Yes very unusual, the belly thingo looked just like a big dart, and had a cable attached dissappearing up into the belly. Yes I thought the engine cowls looked a bit over done also, but the turbines looked REALLY big, so a bit of drag may not be a problem. There is a good ol' DC-3 in there somewhere. Miss Major hasn't been doing enough flying lately to be anywhere near PIC....something to do with high school study, and seeing too many bloody Vampire movies !!.............................................................................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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