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Fatal gyrocopter crash east of Adelaide


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Just heard:


Tuesday, December 29, 2009 » 03:17pm


A man's been killed in a gyrocopter crash east of Adelaide, near the Murray River.


The crash has occurred about one o'clock this afternoon, a few kilometres from the riverside town of Mannum and was reported to police from houseboats on the river.


Police say when emergency services reached the scene they found the man, aged about 50, had died.


It's not known whether anyone else has been hurt in the crash.


Gyrocopters are small aircraft typically capable of carrying only one or two people.


Terrible news - does anyone know any more?





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Unfortunately this is true, was a very sad way to end the year.


The pilot was an ASRA member with the right endorsements ect, there was at least one ASRA rep at the crash site yesterday to conduct an investigation, as yet still not able to find a mechanical fault, the wreck has been moved to enable closer investigations.


I can try and keep updating when info comes to hand.





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