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Hi from Tony in UK


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Hi - I am a 50 year old recently divorced and reliving my teenage years again. As a teenager I started to lean to fly, obtained approx 13hrs but never went solo. Marriage and kids put a stop to this, apart from the odd treat now and again over the years. Time now to start over, I am looking at taking PPL in New Zealand in 2010 as a flying vacation, if anyone has any info comments etc I would appreciate any. School looking at is Euroflight who operate Jabiru 120 and 230 (also have a Cessna 172). Within UK want to fly Cessna 172 does anyone know what is involved with :


1. Converting NZ PPL to UK JAA PPL ?


2. Getting type rating for 172 after passing PPL in Jabiru ?




Tony Ellwood



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Gday Tony


That sounds like a excellent holliday idea. You will need to take a long holliday. I found that any more than two lessons in one day or more than lessons every second day was too much and a waste. I just seemed to reach saturation point and didn't learn anything and probably went backwards.


As for changing over to UK, its easy to do in Oz, you will need to talk to a local school about the UK system. It is likely that you will need to re-sit of BAK and do a check flight. Same with 172 endorsement, check with your local school, You will probably just have to turn up and do a bit of flying, I'd guess you will need 3 - 4 hrs of circs to get on top of the Cessna.


Enjoy your flying and let us know how you go.



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