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Pilot walks away from airport crash

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January 02, 2007 11:32am NEWS Limited.


A PILOT walked away unhurt after his light aircraft crashed into a ditch at Melbourne's Moorabbin airport today.


The pilot was the only person aboard a Cessna 172 training aircraft and was performing a touch-and-go circuit when the plane veered into a ditch shortly after 11am (AEDT) today, Moorabbin airport manager Phil McConnell said.


The aircraft was substantially damaged.


Fire crews contained a fuel leak from the battered aircraft, Metropolitan Fire Brigade incident controller Col Matheson said on Southern Cross radio,


"We have a fuel leak out of one of the wings and the brigade has laid down a layer of foam ... to make sure it doesn't ignite," he said.


"(The pilot) is reasonably well-shaken."



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Guest David C

Yes a BIG OUCH !!! . The aircraft is a C172 Skyhawk SP , a new aircraft , and only been on the register for 6 months . It appears that the pilot was relatively uninjured , so thats good news at least.



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