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Guest ozzie

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I recieved a copy of 'The Men Who Killed Qantas' for Christmas.


What an interesting read it was too. Boy the author really did lay it all out. Some things you will never read in the papers. How close we almost came to losing our airline to a bunch of greedy bankers and business execs. Some people really do need a good flogging.


If you haven't read this book grab a copy bit of an eyeopener.





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Same here. You wonder whether business ethics and morality were ever a concern of the Qantas Board who tried to flog the company off to a bunch of too clever by far bankers. Qantas would have been so indebted that it would have been bankrupted by the GFC. Yet the Chairperson, and the CEO, arrogantly dismissed shareholder concerns - and are still defending their positions! Says a lot for how well any government in Canberra understand business.


happy days,



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