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where to order Aircraft rego markings?

Guest dahl

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hey all,


can anyone tell me a good place to order registration markings for my fabric winged a/c? I am after the stick on type but am having trouble finding someone who can make them up for me.







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Look in your Yellow Pages for signwriters (esp vinyl signs). I'm sure you'll find someone there that can print/cut them for you. You will need to provide them with a size, font type and colour choice. They will cut out the numbers leaving them on a backing ready for you to apply and if they're worth their money they'll give helpful tips on methods of application.


Hope this helps,





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hehehe... well there you go. I looked in the yellow pages for "stickers", "sail makers" and "printers" with no luck...


looked under "sign writers" and hey presto!


thanks again,





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G'day. I just had a set made up by Signarama.


They charged just over a $100.00 for a set 18 inches high. this was done in a material that is suited for aircarft. sticks well.


It came in one long sheet. lots of colours to suit. beware of cheaper materials as they will peel and fade real quick.





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