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Gliding Grand Prix


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The Grand Prix is currently on flying from Gawler SA.


For those that are unfamiliar with the concept it is basically:


Limited number of entrants - around 10 - 15 pilots


Everyone has the same category aircraft


Categories are:


Standard class - 15m span no flaps


15m Racing Class - 15m span with flaps


18m Class - 18m span with flaps, or no flaps


Open class - unlimited span


MTOW restriction to allow everyone an even playing field (A heavier glider will glide faster at the same sink rate than a lighter one)


Set course, as dictated by the task setter in conjuction with the met briefing


Everyone starts at the same time under the start height restriction


Fastest one round the course wins the day


Do this for 8 days and the one with the most points wins and gets to fly at the world Grand Prix finals against winners of GP events in other countries.


Online tracking systems are installed for spectators across the world.


Great fun to watch.


website is http://www.ozglidinggp.on.net





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