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Hi, guys.


I'm a bit confused as to what I will be registering my Savannah XL under when it is completed.


My understanding is that it will be LSA Category under CAO 95.32 as it has a MTOW & Vso not exceeding 600kg & 45kts respectively but greater than 450kg.


Additionally, regular & formal build inspections by SAAA personnel seem like a good idea, especially if I ever have to part with it.


What are your thoughts?




Bayswater, VIC.



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Guest Walter Buschor

Hi Gordon,


first congratulations to the Savannah,


it looks as though you're building it yourself as you are referring it to it "when it is finished".


I do admit that I'm a little "grey" in regards to LSA but I do think that factory build units fit this category but home-build units do not. I'm more than happy to be corrected here but as far as I know one can only be trained in a factory build unit . There is also the weight limit from LSA to homebuilt to consider. LSA is up to 600kg and homebuilt is / was 544kg but might now be 560.


This however only applies if the plane in the case of LSA was certified to 600 kg. Otherwise the lower limit applies.


fly safe





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