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We suffer incessently with hornets building their mud nests in the aircraft and would like to find out thr pro's and cons of using insect surface spray to try and deter them to some degree or some other method. Burdekin:sad:



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Guest JeffC

I,m at Stanthorpe and have had the same problem (Foxbat). I have returned to using a full canopy and engine cover rather than leaving the aircraft uncovered in the hangar. The hornets can still gain access through openings near the wing roots and underneath around the exhaust pipe, but don't seem to bother. Maybe they don't like the dark inside? I was particularly concerned with nests on the electrics in the engine bay and rather than use surface spray directly, I sprayed some paper towelling and laid it over the areas the wasps seemed to like. No problems recently.





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Guest Maj Millard

Recently removed what had to be about a Kilo of mud from the rear end of a Savannah. Lots of places around the tail for them to get in, and being so far back it could eventually make things interesting trim wise. Several were attached around cables, and the elevator pushrod.


If your a Savvy flyer I would suggest you pop off the belly panel occasionally and take a look to the rear and also around the aileron pushrod boxes.........................................Maj...024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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