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Toe activated brakes on the Gazelle


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G'day All,


My question here might be out of left field a bit....


I have recently had an operation to fuse my right ankle at right angles to the leg... That's right!! No ankle movement what so ever. I do have all other joints (knee and toes) fully operational.


I fly a flying school Gazelle out of Beverley WA and am wondering how I will get on with brake operation next time I fly. I have spoken with my instructor Garath Lloyd about it and I may need to swap to the Lightwing. (Heel operated brakes) Has anybody had experience in this situation or have observations or comments to share?


Thanks in advance,





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Guest AusDarren

if you can't sort out toe brakes; the Jabiru's all have a brake handle in the centre console. (no toes required!) and there are lots of em around..


Hope it all goes well for you.







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Guest micgrace



And a joystick single mounted master cylinder is also made. Goes to both wheels. I actually prefer that method.





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Thank you both for replying,


I'll keep your comments in mind and report back after I've attempted control in the Gazelle. It will be some time as I'm out of action for at least another 5 weeks:censored:


Happy flying,





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