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Should the Training syllabus be reviewed?

Guest In-cog-neto

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Guest In-cog-neto

This is one for you Instructors out there and pilots who that feel their training lacked a bit depth.


I have read(and responded to...) quite a few threads relating to RAA training. Do the hours counts towards PPL/CPL, aerobatics, does the theory adequatly cover the subject and compliment the type of aircraft we fly etc?


How old is the current syllabus? Having read it, there is no reference to the ops and effects of flaps for example.


Is time to review the syllabus of ultralight training(Section 3.04 & 3.05 RAA ops man) to include modern design features and controls that are now common place in todays aircraft?


As you all know, the ultralight has gone through considerable change from its humble beginings. Nowadays the ultralight is capable of out-pacing some of its GA cousins and cover a respectable distance. They have CSU, rectracts and if you are really keen, you can let George the autopilt fly!


My question to you all. Should the syllabus be reviewed and modified to encompass the mordern aircraft.


Your thoughts please.;)




P.S. please do turn this into a 088_censored.gif.2b71e8da9d295ba8f94b998d0f2420b4.gif fight.



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