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Aircraft Maintenance/Engineering Apprenticeship


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Hello all,


I am looking for a GA maintenance/engingeer apprenticeship over the ditch. I have got some experience in the industry. Well the basics. My Boss here in Gisborne, New Zealand is leaving the town for the sunny and sandy beachs of Tonga. And since its just the two of us here it leaves me with little choice. Also doesn't help that aircraft maintenances/engineering places around here don't hire very offen.


So I throught that I would spreed my wings and go to a new country. Well at lest try. And what country is nicer than you guys! Any advice would be great, a point, nudge or push in the right direction would be great! Its not that I don't love my country.. and not the fact that we lost the cricket. Just twenty years in one spot gets a bit... over done.


Many thanks for reading.



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