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California Drifter


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I am happy to see that the Drifter is well thought of by Australian pilots. I bought a 1988 Maxair Drifter without knowing anything about them. Since buying it I have learned very little about it here in California. I am getting the Airplane back into flying shape and am looking forward to flying it. The engine on it is the Rotax 532. I Know this engine is out of production but I want to use it as long as I can. I did a compression test and came up with 137 Lbs pressure on the mag cylinder and 140 Lbs pressure on the pto cylinder. What is the pressure supposed to be?


Rob http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/images/smilies/hug.gif



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G'day Rob, great to have you... :thumb_up:


Yes the Drifter is a great little machine, I fly the 503 wirebraced one. It goes well.


I'm not sure of your compressions, though that sounds pretty good if it were an automotive engine. Is that after it's been run? or did you do the compression test dry? ie. hasn't been run for a while.



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Ok, so it'd be pretty dry in the bores. Technically speaking you do a compression test on a hot engine to get accurate results. But it sounds pretty good all the same.


But once again I'm not an aircraft mechanic...



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