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I Fixed it !!....Xcom VHF..nil transmit

Guest Maj Millard

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Guest Maj Millard

Further to my previous post re: the nil transmit on an Xcom VHF.


Did the following: Disconnected plug and antennae from back of unit, then reconnected.


Removed all plug jacks from cabin mounts to check for broken wires.


found none, refitted plug jacks making sure they were tight.


Checked for the third time,the installation of the antenae lead and


found no obvious problems.


Really found no obvious faults, just checked everything and refitted it.


Checked transmit to portable hand held radio.........and it worked fine !!!!!


I suspect that the plug jacks which were mounted on the foward cargo compartment edge (Savannah VG) were not tight enough, and were not making a good ground on the primed aluminum to which they were mounted. To tighten these properly is really a two man job on the Savannah, with one person in the tail holding the jacks, and one above to tighten them. I would suggest a more accessable position for plug jacks.


The owner is very happy now to have a radio that transmits as well as it recieves !!!.


Thanks again for all your previous suggestions..........................................Maj..024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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