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I've taken these out of the Flight Safety Magazine - And included the actual answers and explanation for you to consider. Quite interesting.


# The most likely consequence resulting from the somatogravic illusion would be: Collision with the ground during a night takeoff. (Acceleration is perceived as pitching-up)



# When experiencing the somatogravic illusion, there is a tendency for a pilot to further increase the false sensation by: Lowering the nose and increasing the acceleration of the aircraft. (The false sensation of pitching-up is increased by further acceleration if the pilot lowers the nose)




# When making an approach to a runway that is sloping upwards from the threshold, the runway will appear: Longer and the approach will appear high.




# Water on a windscreen during an approach may produce an illusion that, with reference to the runway, the aircraft is: Higher that it actually is (due to refraction)




# Unless a suitable settling time is allowed, water in fuel tanks prior to refueling may not be detected on a subsequent fuel drain because: The water may have diffused into the fuel by the agitation that occurs during the refueling process. (This can be a trap: suitable settling time allows the water to accumulate again on the bottom of the tank.)




# During a crosswind landing, an aircraft my ‘weathercock into wind: Only when a wheel is on the ground.



# A terminal area forecast containing ‘PROB30 INTER 3105/3110 VRB25G45KT 3000’...’ would probably be associated with a: Thunderstorm (Such a strong wind from a variable direction is the key.)




In case you don't know what Somatogravic Illusion is: Sensory illusions in aviation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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