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The weather finally has taken a turn for the better up in Gympie, everyone with an aircraft seemed to be in the air flying yesterday!


Wandering around the field catching up with folks I came across a rather interesting aircraft being assembled in the ProSky hanger for the Maryborough agent. It's called the Ibis GS 700, I think an early version was at last years Natfly. This one has a much wider cockpit with lots of leg room. I was impressed by the construction; all alloy with gussets on all metal joints and generally looked pretty rugged. The more you look at it the more it reminds you of a Rotax powered Cessna 150 that you can actually fit in!


Best of all it is supposed be under $A100,000 fly away. I took some photos but they seem to be to big to upload, probably best to have a look at: Pacific Ibis Aircraft Australia





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Big Cessna 150?


John.... wait until you see the new Flight Design "CTMC"... all metal and the cockpit is a whopping 53" wide. That's nearly 6" wider than a Cessna 182! It also comes in at around $90,000 with all the goodies and a cruise speed of about 115 kts I am told. It is aimed directly at the training sector of the market.


Unfortunately it will not be at Temora because the first one lands here (at Brisbane) on the Tuesday after Easter - German scheduling! But it will be coming to an airstrip near you (Gympie) around mid April.



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