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How often do you practice...


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I have done about 50 hours since getting my certificate. At the moment I go out to the training area and practice stalls, steep turns and a PFL every couple of months or so I guess. Crosswinds I get to do a fair bit of normally so I don't do any specific practice there. Thinking about one of the other forum messages about flap usage, flapless has been awhile though so I will do some of those on Sunday.


So, do you guys practice these things regularly. Especially those things you don't get to use much in your normal flying. If so, how much?





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Guest Maj Millard

The couple of stalls I did recently during my BFR are the first I can recall doing in some time in the Lightwing. Used to do a lot in the Drifter just for the fun of it. I'm sure I did a couple about six month ago, when I picked up and ferried a Savannah VG, and flew the type for the first time. Sort of like riding a bike I suppose, once you've done it enough times, you pretty much remember the moves...............................................Maj..



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