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Anybody inteested in forming a syndicate?

Guest rocketdriver

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Guest rocketdriver

Anybody interested in forming a syndicate based at either Tyabb or Tooradin?


My preference would be a tailwheel aircraft with two seats and preferably low wing. I envisage a syndicate of 4 or 5 maximum, where each member has all of the necessary endorsements already, and at least 50 hours RAA +GA as a minimum. Here is my list of wants ....


  • RAA Registered
  • Tailwheel, two seat (tandem or side by side), RAA registered, low wing (better visibility for formation flying)
  • either good cruise performance or folding wings so that we can trailer it to other locations.
  • Would like something with aerobatic capacity if it were to be VH registered (for nice handling, strong construction, and, who knows, they might let us do it one day!).
  • Some aircraft that spring to mind are Sonerai II, Kitfox, Jodel D18, Piel Emerald, Murphy Renegade and there will be others ....
  • The plan would be for a group to get together, nut out what would suit all of us, get permissions from “her indoors”, agree on a set of rules, perhaps using the article in the attachment to be found at http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/general-discussion/84783-forming-joining-syndicate.html as a starting point. We would need to set a budget, and then go look for our new toy ... and a place to keep it!


Happy for anyone to PM me if they prefer ...



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