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Natfly 2010

Aussie Steve

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Mike and I had a fantastic flight out from YKAT. Conditions were perfect.


2.5 hrs at 6500ft aprox 70kts.


The over night sleep was pretty annoying with the wind at probably around 20 kts.


The following days departure was marred by a NBG magneto.


After some help from Mick Poole and another extremely helpful L2 we found a cracked wire from the master switch that was earthing out on a brcket.




After a bumpy departure we climbed to a safer altitude 7500 and had a pretty good trip to south of Bathurst when the cloud got very interesting and we had to get down to 6500 all the way back into YKAT.


Loved it all, sorry we didnt get to the RecFly tent. We didnt actually realise were it was until Sunday and looked like it was closed...maybe next year.


NATFLY Temora inflight video by Aussie_Steve01 - Photobucket













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