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This book is my favorite book out of any flight and space flight books I have.


This is the front








Great 5 page long intro complete with individual info on every generation of fighter, pics included.









There is about 30 different planes in this book, here is a favorite of mine along with the raptor.. I'm loving these new ones









Here's the mig 31, I was surprised to find the 21 not in the book even though this is the later gen









Thats basically it but there's alot of verified info on the planes that is factual as compared to what ive read about alot of them on the internet.




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Guest Escadrille

Speaking of recommended reading, Can I recommend a foray into some of my favourite flying authors listed below.


Richard Bach,A Gift of Wings and Biplane,


Alex Henshaw ( A truly great man and aviator) Sigh for a Merlin, The Flight of the Mew Gull and Wings Across the Great Divide.


Dr John Urmston Only Birds and Fools Fly (An inspiring story about a mans determination to build a Currie Wot homebuilt)


Neville Shute. Anything by this author is worth reading but two I like are , Stephen Morris and The Rainbow and the Rose.


Harald Penrose (a terrific Test Pilot),Airymouse,a delightful series of anecdotes about flying a Currie Wot.


Mariana Gosnell, Zero 3 Bravo,A terrific true story about flying a Luscombe around America.


Some Classics about flying in WW 1 are


Cecil Lewis, Sagittarius Rising,


Gwilym Lewis, Wings over the Somme,


VM Yeates,Winged Victory,


A very good fictional story of flying in WW1 by Ernest Gann is ,In the Company of Eagles.. great read,


Anything by Derek Robinson..


And a great yarn about modern Ultralight flying set in contemporary UK is Propellor head by Antony Woodward.


Search on Amazon or Alibris to get most of these ..some are out of print but worth chasing up all the same..







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