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Interesting Engines


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For engine buffs, here are a couple of interesting engines...Napier Deltic (developed from the Napier Culverin) and the Commer Double Knocker (TS2 and TS3).


Do a google search and view the 'wikipedia' animation of the Deltic. I


haven't heard the exhaust note of the delta engine, but the Commer TS2


trucks of the 1950's had a unique, very identifiable sound.


If you want to find some interesting engineering developments in engine design, start your search from about 1880!





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Guest micgrace



One interesting development was done by Chrysler. Supercharged 2 stroke (petrol), injected with plain bearings, full pressure lubrication. But scrapped. Very sucessful prototype.


Maybe this will be ressurrected?





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