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  • Hi fly_torndo my name is Rob I'm on my daughters account, I am currently building a Kolb twinstar are you able to get your Kolb owner friend from one of your videos to contact me through this account? Have many questions to ask.
    Cheers Rob
    Hi , looks like they axed my thread about dick heads ,
    I replied with dissatisfaction at the sex refferance jokes and implied that he gets off on things like that , I then said , if he's offended in that then he now knows how I feel ,
    I enjoy a joke , but some of them are just comic smut , we need some sort of button to express our disgust ,
    Anyway , that's what I recon ,
    Hi Fly_Tornado,

    I see you have a Drifter and you're in Toowoomba. It's good to find someone not too far away (I'm at Gatton) with an aircraft in the same performance range as mine (FP202 Koala). Where do you keep your aircraft? I'll have to pop over some time.


    Re board members urging member to go to the AGM.

    Why do you reckon John Rod and I pushed so hard to have the last one at Heck Field. Not all board members are useless at least two aren't in my opinion.

    (Thankfully) ex SQ RAAus board rep
    G/Day Fly_tornado, no after trimming the aircraft glided at a decent rate of 750ft/min at 70knots and handled normaly
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