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  1. I have a Ctek smart charger and it works as advertised.
  2. I went to the 1998 and 2008 shows, great events.
  3. It didn’t perform as well as the Tecnams at the school hence it went.Mind you it was a bit like comparing a Apple to an Orange as the Tecnsm Golf take off weight is 544 KG and the Brumby 600 KG on the same power.
  4. A flying school I used to hire aircraft from sold a Rotax 912 powered high wing not long after buying it. The reason was it had a very poor climb performance sure they could have put a finer pitch prop on it but cruise speed would have suffered. Pretty heavy empty weight.
  5. Bring in the FAA version of their Psrt 103 ultralight rules. Then you will have affordable aviation in this country.
  6. Of course you can fly it Barry as it is the same aircraft type . The only difference is whether it has numbers or letters for registration. Can you fly it legally, of course not. So don’t get caught.
  7. I have some hanger space left in my clothes closet .
  8. Aircraft manufacturers and dealers need a reality check if they think they can flog off two seat aircraft for $280 000 to the masses.
  9. Hi dazza38, I am new to this group and would like to find out more about building and flying electric powered aircraft. I have flown ultralight and Gyro aircraft. I live on the Southern Gold Coast
    1. Enigma


      Check out the EMG-6
  10. What a rip off, when potentail buyers wake up to thenselves and realise they’re getting bent over a barrel. They will soend their money else where.
  11. I have been following Blackwing on FaceBook since they started. Nice aircraft . Just need to win lotto.
  12. It is long over due for Australia to implement the USA Part 103 Ultralight regulations so people on a budget can buy single seat ultralights and fly them without a licence and not be bent over and have to a member of any organisation. That will bring ultralight flying back good days where flying was very affordable to the masses.
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