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  1. A lot of old cars we might consider classic and wonderful to own are so common in the states they happily use them as scrap. My mate in L.A. had a few 1977 Cadillac's that would make great wedding cars here but over there, they were everywhere and dirt cheap.
  2. If your SWR is below 2 to1 it's not worth dicking about with, unless that dicking about is easily done. Believe me, I have spent a lot of time playing with antennas, from 1.8Mhz through to 470Mhz.
  3. reserve plays no part in the calculation. 135L at 15L/hr = 9hrs. The magazine article is flawed.
  4. Are all these mods legal? I'd only ever want a fully experienced and qualified mechanic (LAME) doing that sort of work.
  5. Generally, when the engine area is that badly crumpled up, you have the engine in your lap and hot exhaust pipes burning your balls. They are very, very lucky people.
  6. Yea, I landed at Bourke and Broken Hill. No body asked me for any ID. Thank Heavens!
  7. On page 71 in the latest sport pilot magazine the specs for the Ekolot Sports states that it has an endurance of 6.5 hours. With 135 litres fuel capacity (I'll assume all usable) at 15L per hour I get 9 hours endurance. Please show me where I'm wrong.
  8. Quite often just wrapping the wire around a ferrite rod will do the trick.
  9. Has anybody replaced the (panel mounted) throttle cable on their Jab? It seems a hell of a job. Getting behind the panel is extremely difficult. Any help, advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Interference can also get in via the power lead to your radio.
  11. Half the problem is that most pilots do not have a deep understanding of radio and electronics, and many (like CBers) thinks they do. The number of times I have had to explain squelch to somebody is huge.
  12. Even though the engine is rubber mounted I would be very surprised if it wasn't electrically connected to the airframe. What happens if the throttle shaft is grounded while you're touching it and experiencing the noise?
  13. I've been involved (in a small way) with artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning. All fancy terms for stuff that is still years away when it comes to terminator style weapons. Even driverless busses are a waste of time. Standard bus with driver is both cheaper to run and safer. Will be for years.
  14. Try to narrow down the problem. Occur engine off or running or both? Does it occur with a standard headset (no noise cancelling stuff)?. Does it occur both sides, pilot and passenger connections? Has anything been done to the plane that may have caused this, for instance did the problem start after your last service. And, just a personal note, if I was flying in Afghanistan I'd be worrying about a lot of other stuff rather than my headset...
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