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  1. I landed at Bourke, nobody around to check for ASIC. Landed at Broken Hill, nobody challenged me. Must have been my lucky day.
  2. Gee, the flat earth clowns would be confused with this.
  3. jackc, I use a Garmin Nuvi 255W in 'off road' mode as a backup to my map and compass. It's just a simple car GPS but it is good enough. I like to take the stored tracks and replay them in Google Earth.
  4. Can't blame the parents because dickheads took away the rights of parents to discipline their kids. I do remember a story where some folks tried to steal fuel from a campervan, had the hose in the wrong hole and sucked in a mouthful of poo. And at my local boozer, a guy tried to nick a car, got caught, and the owner was 6 foot and at least 120kg. Gave the thief a pretty good flogging.
  5. I'd say that owners of private strips might not want 'anybody' landing there at anytime because the strip might get torn up a little, hence the 'permission required'. However, any owner who does his/her block without listening to reason needs a punch in the mouth.
  6. We are lucky. In South Africa they have people in Parliament who cannot even read and write!!!
  7. At the club yesterday, I heard that there is a phone app that will detect the 'nano-chip' that is injected into us when we get vaccinated. Similar to the chips we put in dogs and cats but so small it's practically invisible. Why people come up with these stupid stories is beyond me and it's so sad people believe them without thinking.
  8. I think we recently have had here in Adelaide two separate stabbings in as many days, both at reasonably good schools. Put 'challenged' kids in 'normal' schools and they WILL be bullied.
  9. Yes. I knew a checkout chick who had to use a pad and pencil to work out $35.00 from $50.00. She was really embarrassed but I said it's not her fault, it's the failure of the education system. I think she appreciated that.
  10. Because they dumbed down education so much over the last thirty years or so, even scoring high these days is pretty awful. I still find younger folks (say under 40) or do not know their times tables and think a square root is having sex with a nerd. Throw out the computers so students have to think for themselves. Having said that, Prof. Julius Sumner Miller lamented the poor quality of education over sixty years ago. I heard from a teacher dumbing down was done so idiots could score high marks and useless teachers wouldn't appear so useless.
  11. Y'all hillbillies need to think before ya post, some comments are just plain stupid and ignorant...
  12. He's a quicky spreadsheet I knocked up while dinner was cooking. Probably needs work and the empty arm is a guess. When I'm at the club next I'll get the correct numbers for the J230C we have. Incorrect loading and you get a warning. J230 loading chart.xlsx
  13. Hey, what's the basic empty weight and empty arm of your J230? I'm writing a loading chart application and want some samples.
  14. I would assume the nose wheel and the rudder can be adjusted independently of each other. So, disregarding the rudder, adjust your nosewheel so you taxi straight ahead with the pedals neutral. Once you're happy with that, adjust your rudder so that at cruise power there is no yaw. Remember, maladjusted ailerons or flaps will cause a yaw, but with roll. Under high power, a yaw to the left is normal, under a glide, yaw to the right is normal. Remember when your instructor kept yelling "MORE RIGHT RUDDER!!!" as you gunned it down the runway during those first few hours.
  15. Too many experts sitting in their couches blasting our leaders, calling them slouches...
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