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  1. Every time I hear about self driving vehicles I get mildly annoyed. A report I read about a driverless bus showed it cost 50% more to operate than a standard bus with a driver. Like computers replacing people in the hospital system. Actual cost is double but offset by speed and accuracy. (unless hackers stuff things up!)
  2. I have been involved is system analysis and design since the mid nineties. It is obvious to me that many systems in place do not get scrutinized before being put into place. Like so much software these days we have systems that are over priced, full of bugs, not documented and not maintained correctly. Gotta live with it because all the folks with the appropriate skills to fix things are retired.
  3. I made my own 'splitter' and feed the audio into a cheap digital recorder. I then use a video editor (Sony Vegas 12) and very carefully align the audio to match the video. With some practice it's fairly easy and produces good results. The 'splitter' is nothing more than two resistors in series (10K and 1K) wired across the headphone plug with the audio to the recorder taken across the 1K resistor. No buzz, noise etc.
  4. Maybe it's not three on board but two and a bit?
  5. Any damage to the plane will probably have occurred by dragging it through the sand...
  6. When I advertised my Jabiru, I got clowns asking me how many seats, how fast does it go, how far on a tank etc. This sort of thing wouldn't happen if we were allowed to screen people before they bred.
  7. Before quad-copters and drones became well known and widely available to the public, the military was playing about with them, as far back as the fifties. Being able to hover, dart about and move around like nothing known was what made them so special. Flying saucers and men from Mars was a popular theme and as far as the military was concerned, a good thing. They didn't want folks knowing that these 'UFOs' were actually military research vehicles. There has been no evidence in any shape or form that we have been visited by anything made by aliens. I have been on a few military trials which ge
  8. I think he's still got $100K to anybody who can prove UFO's are from outer space. The latest rubbish on the news doesn't say anything, as there's nothing to say.
  9. The line that says "FROM 09 292311" means what? Is it 29th September at 2311UTC or what?
  10. A lot of old cars we might consider classic and wonderful to own are so common in the states they happily use them as scrap. My mate in L.A. had a few 1977 Cadillac's that would make great wedding cars here but over there, they were everywhere and dirt cheap.
  11. If your SWR is below 2 to1 it's not worth dicking about with, unless that dicking about is easily done. Believe me, I have spent a lot of time playing with antennas, from 1.8Mhz through to 470Mhz.
  12. reserve plays no part in the calculation. 135L at 15L/hr = 9hrs. The magazine article is flawed.
  13. Are all these mods legal? I'd only ever want a fully experienced and qualified mechanic (LAME) doing that sort of work.
  14. Generally, when the engine area is that badly crumpled up, you have the engine in your lap and hot exhaust pipes burning your balls. They are very, very lucky people.
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