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  1. Apart from the drive to the airstrip, playing with fuel is probably one of the most dangerous things we can do.
  2. The lathe had sat in the weather for 20 years! Everything was coated in rust. The results were quite surprising. Can't find the pictures :-(
  3. I wonder if electrolysis could be used to clean engine bits and pieces. I saw cogs from an old lathe that were in terrible condition come up really well when electrolysis was employed.
  4. I had a friend who couldn't do better than grade seven math and English but he could thread a needle with a backhoe...
  5. Aluminum is nowhere near a good conductor as copper (about 60%) but is lighter. That's the only reason (and a poor one) I could see for using it in electrics in a plane.
  6. Many thermistors have slow response times, lag times between 15 seconds and a few minutes. A semiconductor junction is faster than a resistor and I'd be surprised if the sensors are in fact 'straight resistors'. The smaller the mass of the sensor the faster the response (all other stuff being equal). Lot's of info on google...
  7. It oils in the wood (not water) that will apparently drain (due to gravity) to the lower end of the prop if it's left vertical for a long time. But, like Thruster88 says, surely the very high G's experienced by the spinning prop would very quickly throw out the oils etc. Too much to learn, so little time...
  8. This is online http://docshare01.docshare.tips/files/3422/34223648.pdf but not Australian. Some might find it interesting.
  9. Well, going by the electronics junk coming out of China, I'd find it hard to trust their airplane engines. Poor quality materials, parts driven beyond their specs. Shortcuts to keep costs down. It's scary and dangerous, people have been killed using cheap Chinese crap.
  10. I'm immeasurably clever (mum had me tested) and find physics etc. no great challenge. I did work for twenty years in a physics environment. It's just that some poor sod may think they are dumb for not knowing the deep stuff when in fact it's not even in the BAK syllabus. (I'll assume you did BAK for GA license). As a pilot just knowing what form drag, parasitic drag and being drag is all that's really needed. I do learn heaps reading the posts on this forum.
  11. It's all magic folks. Don't need to know this stuff to be a good pilot. Just the basics will do.
  12. Remember learning this back when I did air and water balancing. Turbulent flow in airconditioning ducts could not only cause damage over time, but cause low frequency oscillations that drove people bonkers.
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