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  1. I think drones are the bees knees. There's something about killing a bunch of zeebs on a screen with your grandkids on your knee that I like. Or, we could forget the drones and their precision strikes and just carpet bomb the daylights out of the enemy. More chance of killing innocents and getting killed yourself but hell, at least it's not cowardly.
  2. If we were meant to stay on the ground, we'd have roots...
  3. As a radio tech and Ham I shouldn't be, but I am. Confused. You said it does 3mhz to 11Mhz then said it has a super narrow bandwidth. That would be a good antenna to use on a block where the neighbors bitch about towers cause you could keep it below the fence line. Another 'retirement project' I think...
  4. What about a helical similar to the HF helical ants I use on the amateur bands? Although I personally would be worried about RF getting into stuff it shouldn't. Burned out my home burglar alarm due to HF transmissions (100WPEP).
  5. I paid my aircraft registration fees weeks ago but no registration card received. When I enquired, no answer was forthcoming, just sent another copy of the 'paperwork'.
  6. Yea, I have a 10 year old J170C with only 155 hours TTIS. It still has the brand new smell about it. Always hangered, always maintained, no prangs etc. and all the mandatory crap. I'd sell for $55K but nobody's interested. Instead they waste my time with stupid questions.
  7. Nice! I thought a Savannah could land in a small paddock? Can your mate scope one out?
  8. Looks like you need a plane there because I see very few roads!!! Great picture.
  9. I use both a standard logbook and a spreadsheet to keep a record of my flying. Pity they don't agree on hours flown! If I did lose my original logbook I'd be much annoyed as it does have sentimental value.
  10. That plane was at Gawler recently, where recently means some time between yesterday and a year ago as I have zero sense of time.
  11. You probably will not get a good response unless you give us a better idea as to what you are studying and where and what sort of questions you will be asking. Do you want to know a pilots mating habits, eating habits or activities after dark? More information please...
  12. I have flown into Murray Bridge many times as I have two sisters who live there. The strip is good and the folks friendly. Cannibalism has not been practiced for many years now. Most of the locals can read and write and some have jobs.
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