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  1. To think it took "bird brains" to utilize this idea first! maybe we're not so smart...
  2. The screws are as clean as can be. I also tried cleaning the nut-plate. I think my solution was best. Nail polish makes a good loctite alternative. Used to use that in my video-recorder servicing days.
  3. Yes, but the gets only part way in then becomes too tight to go any further. Filing off the end fixed the problem.
  4. Well, I'll add to my first flight inspection the 8 wheel spat screws - check for tightness. Normally they just get a visual. As for the name "nut plates" I have in my old age become painfully stupid in some areas, so 'thingo' had to suffice. Thanks
  5. Went to Bunnings, no suitable taps. What I did do was file down the 'thingo' about 0.5mm and now the screws go in without a struggle. I am not convinced that the 'thingo' that the screw goes into is designed that way but everyone of them was such that getting the screws back in was impossible without filing them down. And you cannot apply any great pressure on the screws because you cannot get your hand in the spat for support. Crap design.
  6. Am I the only person who struggles with the nose wheel spat on the Jabiru J170C? Every screw holding the rear half of the spat to the front half is so tight it's impossible to get them back in. You are not able to get anything behind so you can't push hard. I have left the rear half off because it's so fu^&%$ing annoying. I'm off to Bunnings to create a better solution.
  7. compass whizzing around might make a good turn indicator?
  8. I have had a few incidents, all due to being forgetful or in a hurry. Not all aviation related. This incident was not like that, they seemed to completely ignore or were totally oblivious to the danger staring them in the face. They have no 'excuse'. Clear air and height one way and thick cloud and little height the other way.
  9. I think the video has been deleted because of the 'upsetting nature' of the feedback. While it was a profoundly dumb situation to end up in, I guess we should think twice about our comments. I myself tend to be a harsh bastard.
  10. This link shows what happens when clowns learn to fly... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibwry87tecs3lsk/DG-2.mp4?dl=0
  11. Still haven't got an answer to my question....
  12. I'm not saying the plane has sat dormant and locked away for a year so wasps and demons etc. can invade the plane. I am simply asking if something that was done 5 flying hours ago should be redone. hells bells, it's not rocket science.
  13. So, if you just cleaned and gapped the plugs and inspected the flywheel bolts, checked the frammin and widgets you'd do it all again, even after a few flying hours? That's insane.
  14. First up, forgive me if this has already been thrashed out somewhere. You do a yearly inspection. In a years time the yearly inspection is due again, however, you have only flown (say) 10 hours. What do YOU do? The entire inspection again, just a cursory check, completely ignore it or what?
  15. Gee that's getting close to my J170 weight. I think mine is 310kgs after adding that big ugly fin at the back.
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