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    Iridium plugs

    Old thread but curious to know where you are getting these NGK iridium DR9EIX plugs from in 2018. Best price I have found is around $13 each delivered from UK.
  2. I thought so as well, it was an option with the Cheetah Sierra series but looking at the page here Morgan Aeroworks - Cheetah the 3300 option in the Cheetah is not listed hence my confusion. From that page.... Power Plants Jabiru 2200 - 4 Cylinder 80hp Rotax 912 - 4 Cylinder 80hp Rotax 582 - 2 Cylinder 65hp
  3. Hi there, exploring what is involved putting a Jab 3300 into a Cheetah. Thought this may be a good place to ask the question. They did not come with this as an engine option (looking at the Morgan webpage) so was hoping someone may have some experience with this subject. Thanks (Photo for interest and pinched from the Morgan webpage)
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