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  1. But I don't get it. Could you give more detail. thanks.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback, something that I don't mention is the COWL FLAP, any suggestion on best practices. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Everyone, I would like to share my experience flying a constant speed propeller Cessna 177RG: For the complex endorsement, I have started with a 1975 Cessna Cardinal 177RG (C177RG), apart from being considered a complex airplane, it also has additional horsepower and some extra weight. I am writing the following as the highlights from fight instructor classes I have undertaken, and especially a lot of pattern circuit work (touch & goes) to perfect landing the Cardinal, including many crosswind landings. Constant-speed pitch propeller (aka. variable pitch propeller) The first th
  4. Hi Everyone, Let me share with you my first aerobatic experience. just did some simple loops, but it was great fun. I really recommend aerobatics to any pilot. ? ? Enjoy the video. Cheers,
  5. Granada Flight 15000ft - Overflying Sierra Nevada, Granada Flying with Martin, a flight full of new challenges and experiences. It was very risky, but we were safe throughout the whole flight. Enjoy the video, great views. Cheers.
  6. Hi Everyone, Let me share these videos of a good friend starting his Aerobatics flying. I think you will like the shots. Cheers,
  7. Ferrari vs. Sukhoi --- Who will win ?? In the Spanish Aerobatics Championships (CEVA 2019) these things can happen and they did. Challenge Ferrari (Pilot: Juan Martinez, Juan Velarde) against Sukhoi (Pilot: Castor Fantoba) Great day with a lot of action. (9 June 2019) Enjoy the video and leave your comments. Cheers.
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to share a video flying to Ibiza (Spain) from the mainland. It was a cloudy day, but a great flight. We even had time for a swim before flying back. Enjoy.
  9. Cool, I will be attending (as a spectator), I watch out for him.
  10. Hi everyone, I am currently a pilot (PPL) in Spain, Valencia area. looking forward in sharing my experiences here in Spain and Europe. Also looking forward in learning from everyone here. Cheers. Frank. [/url]https://www.funflyingwithfrank.com
  11. Live Streaming: Campeonato de España de Vuelo Acrobático - CEVA 2019 Also watch last years action:
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