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  1. I’ll let you know, (if I remember how by then!) ……..my wife’s family live in Velserbroek (sp?) we plan to come over in June. (COVID willing)
  2. Thanks for decoding the serial number scsirob, and for your vote for the engine. Hartstikke bedankt voor de informatie. Zou leuk zijn om u te ontmoeten in Nederland. Wij varen naar Europa in de zomer van Australia
  3. I have engine number- not sure how to deduce serial number. It is 335LRE-64 (I guess it could be #64).
  4. Thanks to all you guys who have taken the trouble to share your knowledge with me. I’ll look at engine serial number and the maintenance log.
  5. Thanks to all for your information, quite reassuring. I’ll keep researching.
  6. Sorry if this topic has been dealt with but I am looking to purchase a Jab with low hours 3300 Camit and wondered (since Camit is no more - and not supported by Jab??) if my low hours engine will give me many hundred of trouble free hours. I have 10 thumbs and there is a limit to what I can undertake on engines.
  7. Time Left: 27 days and 9 hours

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    • USED - GOOD

    I desperately need a Rotax Type B gearbox, if you have one spare or know of one could you please let me know (email or text) and what you are asking for it.


    Kenilworth, Queensland - AU

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