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  1. Thanks mate, generally in the morning with the new school, just until I get a feel for the Tecnam, what's normal etc. Have had a couple more lessons in it have gone though all the standard stuff, all the turns, stalls, steep turns 360° getting comfy in it now one more lesson before back into circuits. Am in no way in a rush to solo I reckon another 6 to 10 hours in this aircraft before I am close to ready. Cheers Grant
  2. Well finally back at it. Thanks for the previous replies, all great info. Covid shut down back in March FORCED me to pause, and I decided to switch training organisations, must say much happier only two hours into the new school. Different aircraft Technam Golf heaps different than the Lightwing I started off in. New CFI with a different approach, not back into circuits yet but feeling really confidentvwith these guy. The Technam is a great plane to fly, to me is much easier cheees Grant.
  3. Thanks all bit short of time to reply away for work and its hectic back home Sunday arvo I will have a good read
  4. Thanks for the replies really appreciate it. Lots of great tips, the plan is to hang in and try and do 3 or 4 days in a row with a couple of double sessions broken into 30 to 40 minutes flying then a break keep it all fresh is going to smash the budget but I am keen to get it done
  5. Hi mate, thanks for the reply. instructor is very experienced thousands of hours flying and i think 20 years plus as an instructor, well regarded, but is only a small flying school and he is my only option. I keep thinking there is something he is just not getting through to me. I have thought of going elsewhere but I do believe exactly what you said I keep making the same or similar mistakes and the worst bit is always late final at or on round out. I want to do more time and have done a couple of double sessions but by the end of the second hour it gets pretty scrappy
  6. Hi all, been hovering on here for a little while. Currently a student have a grand total of 18 hours. learning in a Light Wing Gr912 powered by 100hp rotax. Loving every minute of it but currently in the circuits stage of my training 8 or 9 take offs and landings in an hour is challenging but i actually feel i am getting worse rather than improving. So is a bit frustrating i have done 15 odd landings with just me on the controls with lots of verbal input from my instructor. I realise I am very very inexperienced but really do feel i should be improving each time out. Am I expecting to much.
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