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  1. Clubmans are cool, such go-karts. I got a 4A-GE in a Suzuki Sierra. Unstoppable offroad but is now just a farm truck. The misses has a Ford Anglia (Harry Potter car) which I plan to put a 4A-GE 20V in. This is the 1UZ for the Celica.
  2. Ironically the current project is also a kind of scale Mustang. A Ford Mustang that is in the shape of an RA28 Celica (the Japanese mustang) running a 1UZ V8. I specialise in Toyota and all my projects are Toyota powered. I'm thinking of using the 1GZ V12 in a scale P-51
  3. Hence why I'm looking towards the bottom of the scale and got my eye on the SAL mustang. It's timber and fabric so should be easier and cheaper to build. As much as I'd love something like the Titan T-51 it's something way out of my league in price and build time.
  4. I'm approaching this as it being my one and only chance to do something like this in my lifetime. I don't see me building or owning multiple aircraft in the future so I'm aiming to do what I want the first time :) I'm quite aware of the work involved and time frame required. There is always going to be new developments as you say but you can't always hang out waiting for the new technology. That TV I purchased last month is already outdated....... Sure one can go out and purchase their own complete aircraft but the build itself is something I have always wanted to do. From my youth, building and flying R/C aircraft from scratch, the passion for a REAL plane has always been there. I obtained my PPL decades ago which has since expired and, unfortunately, haven't flown in many years. I have also spent a few years of my career as an AME so the ins and outs of aircraft are not new to me. I have and currently do have automotive projects on the go so believe I have the skills required to pursue such a build.
  5. Well if you're going to do it, better do it right. Firstly just want to know what rules and regulations there are in going down such a path before I do anything.
  6. As I have always had a love for the old warbirds a scale P-51 is at the top of the list. More specifically looking at the Falconar SAL 2/3 scale Mustang using an automotive V12 engine.
  7. Having been in aviation in my youth and then having life get in the way I'm looking at getting back into it. I've ALWAYS wanted to build my own aircraft so I'm here to get back on board and get some help along the way.
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