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  1. I was sick at looking the low quality scanned Skyfox manuals, therefore I have redone all the POH and Service Manual in clear PDF and added a fully functional table of contents divided in ATA chapters. Happy to share with everyone. If you find any mistake on the manuals, please let me know so I can fix it. I'm also happy to share the editable files (just PM me). In return, I would like to ask everyone to contribute in sharing with me, whatever additional original Skyfox documentation (drawings or manuals) you might have. CA-25N Gazelle FLIGHT MANUALV1.1 .pdf
  2. Thanks for the info, however I managed to purchase a CA22 about a month ago 🙂
  3. Hi Steve, I believe you are right, I'm sure there are few Mk4 sitting around in someone's shed... it's just hard to find them. I had a look at the Bushbaby/Explorer and I really like it, but as you said they are really rare here in Oz. As for the Aeropup, I had a good look at it and for multiple reason I decided that does not suit me. I'm just wondering where are all the skyfox gone? I was used to see one or two for sale each month, now I can't find even one.
  4. Hi Nev, I have been looking for a long time and so far I only saw one Kitfox coming up for sale a few months ago. It was sold almost immediately.
  5. @Blueadventures, I'm 100% set on the Skyfox or a Kitfox (impossible find in Aus). Wing fold is a must for me, since I'm planing to transport that in and out of the airfield.
  6. Since the classified section of the site it's currently down, I'm posting here to see if anyone is selling or is aware of some that might sell a Skyfox CA22 or CA25 impala. I will consider any condition (flying or not flying) for the right price. Phone: 0468559915 Fred
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