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  1. Hi Skippy I guess your reply is aimed at Bosi. Do you know much about the europa monowheel?
  2. Have seen the ad for the Europa monowheel. Looks nice but never seen a monowheel yet in real life , are they much different to nosewheel? What sort of extra training I'd be looking at ? The cruise speed is impressive
  3. Yes exactly my thoughts too. Yeah the Jabiru looks clean and tidy on photos but going to go and see it in real next week BH
  4. Some interesting points RFGuy I have actually been negotiating the purchase of a Jabiru 160 . I think it might be the same one that you mention from gumtree. I have considered the option of converting to RPL and I know eventually I will but right now I'm in that stage of my training where I am close to getting my RPC and you just can't resist the urge to buy your own plane ASAP and have the freedom to fly whenever you can. I'm sure most here have been through this. I have thought carefully about my options for the near future and a Jabiru 160 perhaps stands out. At
  5. I want to be able to tour around Australia so has to have a reasonable range and endurance , preferably cruise at 90KIAS at least (dont want to be anything under 85) . Preferably Rotax powered. Price range is upto 40k but willing to go up to 50k for the right plane. I know I'm asking too much right?
  6. Hi Alan , just saw your post , thanks for the offer. But I am no longer purchasing this plane in NT as the seller has backed out for reasons unknown to me . So I am back to square one looking for my first plane again! Cheers for the offer BH
  7. Goodday all! wow ! I didn't expect to get so many responses to my post so thank you to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts Quite a few very useful pieces of advice from each one of you who commented . I am feeling a little more wiser and appreciate all the input . I hope this thread will also help out a lot of other first time plane buyers like myself . I will be taking my next steps a lot more carefully now then I originally would have , I realise there is a lot more to it than I first thought! I will keep you guys posted on my progress. Cheers
  8. Hi 440032 , Thanks for your thoughts and sharing the video , I will watch it tomorrow as its a pretty long one! Narrow escape that ! Just goes to show you cant really take anyone's word when it comes to planes . Do you think for me it might just be the better option to pick the airplane up in its present condition and put it in a trailer and bring it home then fix it up myself (with the help of other trained people of course) I have the option to do that at a reasonable price. Cheers
  9. The aircraft is located in NT , I am in SA. No border restrictions but 3000km is a bloody long way away! Can you please post the link for RAAus L2 listings as I cant find it , thanks
  10. Hi Old Man Emu , thanks for your honest advice as I say , I am new to all this and I want to do it properly by learning from all you experienced lot here. I don't want to be flying around in an unsafe plane . Hence why I want to have it checked out independently by a qualified person who knows what they are doing. I don't fancy the idea of getting expensive surprises either so would much rather pay an inspector for a thorough examination and if any issues are identified use that to negotiate the price down . Cheers
  11. G'day everyone , I am an inexperienced pilot (50 hours in total, if that matters) and looking at buying my first ever aircraft so please go easy on me if I sound like a complete noob . I already have a kit built plane in mind which at the moment is located about 3000km away from where I am based so its not so easy to just go and have a look at it . The said airplane also hasn't been flown for a good few years due to owner's personal circumstances. It is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS . The body is mainly fabric which I have been told is in very good condition but will be examined before the sal
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