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  1. Dear administrators. I noticed the improvements on the website, however, I noticed that the section relating to "classifieds" (or stuff for sale) has been "deleted" or at least not yet activated on the new platform. Any feedback?
  2. Hi... had a good flight with Mark Leethon in his Fuji...great weather and flight to North of Bowen via Hydeaway Bay, Dingo, Cape Gloucester, etc. Have you re-finished the Cab Sav?
  3. well its is still paradise Hi there...well is far from being a mess is what i call paradise....you can see it for yourself on the video..now we still have 4 km of dirt road which keeps the invaders away...it acts like a psicological barrier turning people away...but then again you all are flyers so that's not a problem for you to drop in an visit superman in paradise...you are most welcome... cheers, you can find more minivideos on YOU TUBE.. "flying to heaven" flying to Hydeaway Bay, etc Ivan
  4. Hi you all...my friend and mechanic Ross Millard prompted me to join as he reckons someone posted my video of me flying my nanolight in my actual backyard which is the Hydeaway Bay beach...and surprisingly enough I can't find where in the forum is listed or posted! Those nanolights are fantastic...hope to hear from Chriss Stoot who sold it to me a few years ago and who I understand is also in this forum/site. any questions about it I am happy to answer,cheers, Ivan
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